We have two worship services, both on Sunday: In the morning at 10:45 and in the evening at 6:00.

Worship Form: Our worship services would be best described as “traditional.” We don’t follow a written or printed liturgy as in some more formal churches, but do follow an order of service which is, of course, subject to the moving of the Holy Spirit which could result in multiple testimonies, singing additional songs, intense and directed times of prayer and/or time at the altar rail praying with and for others.

Worship Order: Our services include those things thought essential for worship: congregational singing, Scripture reading, prayer, testimonies, special music, offering and a sermon. There is also occasionally the administration of the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The order of services goes something like this: An invocation (opening prayer); announcements and receiving an offering; testimonies, congregational singing of hymns and choruses; a pastoral prayer; more singing; a reading from the Bible then a sermon; another hymn or chorus; a benediction or closing prayer. Throughout the service, those in attendance can participate as much or as little as they desire. Nobody is put on the spot to sing or testify! The service is usually over by about 12:00.

Worship Music: The music most resembles a “blended” style, having a mix of traditional hymns and choruses with the lyrics projected on a screen. On any given Sunday there are a number of musicians accompanying the singing to include piano, guitar, banjo, clarinet and drums.

Children in Worship: People of all ages worship together. Children are often even participants in our small choir. Many of us have children (or grandchildren) so are accustomed to everybody being together in worship. We realize that sometimes kids can get fidgety and be noisy, but that’s OK because we are just happy that they’re in church! We do have a nice nursery downstairs below the sanctuary, however, if someone needs to take their child out for a few minutes for a break. Unfortunately, we don’t have nursery attendants right now, but the nursery is there for parents to use, if needed.

Worship Attire: Some of the old guys still wear suits and ties and a few ladies will be in dresses but most people attending just wear slacks and a nice shirt. It’s not unusual, though, to see many people in jeans and cowboy boots, so feel free to dress how you’re comfortable.